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The Health Whisperer™ is here to share information, education and recommendations to keep your pets (and YOU) as healthy as possible by making small and incremental changes to your nutritional profile. It's only by making use of our natural resources, we can retrain the body to thrive, and I'm here to help by sharing research, education, and Smartrition™ -- smart nutrition delivered in a way to balance and retrain the body to work as designed.

PetMoringa™ BALANCE

    I have been following Cathy’s protocol for almost a year now.  I have an almost 4-year-old parti yorkie, Angel Marie, that has been battling skin issues, yeast, supposed allergies, etc. for 2 years.  We had tried everything, and I mean everything – testing, shots, medicine, holistic vet, every food and supplement, shampoos.  At one point I thought she would be better off out of her misery.  I found Cathy and followed her recommendations to a T.  We changed her diet, and added PetMoringa™ BALANCE. After detoxing for about 6 months, my girl is completely healthy and happy again! –
    Julie Washer


    I rescued Cupcake nearly 3 years ago.  I was told she had Cushing’s Disease.  She had a pot belly, panted all the time and drank lots of water.  She also waddled when she walked and couldn’t run.  I started her on Cathy’s protocol (species-appropriate raw diet and PetMoringa™ BALANCE) and in 2 months’ time, the pot belly was gone, no more panting or excessive drinking and no more waddle.  She actually runs when we take our walks now! -- Staci Starkweather


    If the picture on the left is what happens to my bichon’s face after eating the commercial pet food my vet recommended for 9 months, what in the world was happening to her on the inside? The picture on the right is only one month after changing her to a better diet and using PetMoringa™ BALANCE to detox!  I can’t wait to see other improvements as time goes on!  -- Julie Strickland Ferris


    Since learning about Cathy and following her advice, my boys have been on a species-appropriate raw diet, and using PetMoringa™ BALANCE. Champ had allergies – losing hair from the top of his head in clumps, constant itching. Both had dull fur. After making the recommended changes, the scratching stopped and the hair grew back! Both have nice, shiny fur now. I couldn’t be happier with this new way of life! – Benita Sierra-Clark


    I own 3 small female dogs aged 13, 10 and 6. The youngest, Pearl, was born with Auto immune disease and a luxating Patella. Each year of Pearl's life she has had a major Auto Immune illness:  At 6 months of age, she had Auto immune Meningitis requiring chemotherapy; at 6 years of age, she got Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia (the body destroys the platelets and blood won't clot), which is potentially fatal. The 1st week her platelet count was 44,000, and my vet told us to prepare to lose her.  We had a neurologist and, of course, I followed what she said, but deep in my heart, I knew Pearl wouldn't survive THIS time. I knew that our only chance was to trust Cathy’s process.  We made the recommended nutritional changes, and started using PetMoringa™ BALANCE. At the two week point, Pearl’s platelet count was at 138,000, and by week 3, at 378,000!  The vets were amazed-- my girl wasn't going to die. What changed? Cathy’s nutritional recommendations and her incredible product! In a short time frame Pearl's platelet numbers rose and as they did her energy returned and I no longer had to be afraid that if she got cut or scraped she might bleed out. Meds had improved her condition before, but never, ever, had she turned the corner to healthy in a matter of 4 weeks!  Cathy is THE HEALTH WHISPERER: Smart, trained and well-educated in what we all need. Listen to me! PetMoringa™ BALANCE is the answer to your dog's health issues. And Cathy’s advice is the most important part of this equation. Get them BOTH! – Libby Green

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