About Us

Hi!  I'm Cathy Lanier, The Health Whisperer.  What began as a way to warn others about the dangers of heartworm and flea poisons promoted as "safe" for our precious pets, turned into a research and educational expansion of my life, leading me to become "The Health Whisperer." 

After losing my precious Pepe Lepeu (that's him on the right) to those poisons, I started a Facebook Group to share his story, and it has grown to immense proportions, and now serves as a respite for those who have not found solutions in the conventional vet community -- to put it bluntly, we save lives on which vets have given up.  Due to my own loss, and recognizing the need for education in this area, I began a research odyssey that has resulted in my changing my thinking and hopefully I can help you to look outside the conventional advice offered by our veterinarian community, to actually take action to improve your pets' lives. 

I now am a Certified Carnivore Nutritionist, after discovering that, just like with human health, whether or not our pets are healthy, happy and live long lives, is nearly exclusively dependent upon their diet.  Feeding anything other than what their species was designed to eat, contributes to the vast majority of the diseases and conditions we see in the pet world nowadays, and there's a reason we are seeing diseases that never were a part of the pet population before the invention of kibble dog foods, and the addition of synthetic vitamins, chelated minerals, and chemical additives and preservatives.

As I researched and learned more and more about the products and practices recommended by the modern veterinary industry, I noticed a direct correlation with certain truths I had discovered about human modern medicine's practices.  You see, doctors and veterinarians are trained almost exclusively in the practice of using chemical medicines to address symptoms, often without even exploring the underlying cause that is leading to those symptoms.  As I uncovered layer after layer of this manner of health manipulation, the one thing that screamed the loudest to me was that nutrition -- literally the core ingredient of all health, whether good or bad -- was being completely ignored.  What's worse, in the veterinary industry, it was apparent to me that "prescription foods" were serving in the role of prescription medicines in the human medical world, where veterinarians were taking their training and advice largely from the representatives from the "Big 3" pet food companies, and passing that hugely inaccurate and biased "advice" on to their clients -- our pets!

My approach is to identify the underlying cause of any condition your pet is experiencing, and help you to "feed" his/her way out of it!  By making incremental changes to improve the nutritional status of your pet, moving to species-appropriate foods, your pet will eventually detox out the literal poisons from most of the commercial foods on the market today.  By adding well-chosen, all natural superfoods, crafted by the guidelines of Smartrition-- smart nutrition delivered in a way to balance and retrain the body to work as designed -- we're able to ease the detox period and help your pet naturally rebalance his/her body.

We've proven it over and over and have thousands of testimonials from pet guardians who have been sent home from their vet for their pet to pass, or have even scheduled appointments to put their pet down, when the vets have no more answers.  We've stepped in, and in most cases, have been able to use our very rebalancing products, developed exclusively for pet health from only the most effective natural compounds, and turn that situation around, providing more quality months and even years of life for that pet.

We make no claims to cure anything, but we do see results in nutritionally rebalancing pets' lives.  While nothing is a "Magic Bullet," if you will join us and trust the process, you'll see positive results that last.

Doesn't your pet deserve that?

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Don't let the "yorkie" fool you.  What started as a yorkie group, now has at least as many "Honorary Yorkies," some of which are cats!