International Shipping Information

Although The Health Whisperer™ has made every effort to comply with border policies to ship into most other countries (besides the US and its territories), there are still challenges, mostly due to overzealous border agents, or agents working for the various shipping companies.  Unfortunately, we cannot predict or control when that might happen, nor can we do anything about it once it has happened. You assume the risk for any additional charges that may be assessed at your country's border or beyond.  Items in good, unopened, condition returned to us due to your refusal to pay the additional tariffs and fees will be refunded when received, subtracting any tariffs or fees assessed to The Health Whisperer in order to get the product back from the shipper.  If any of the products have been opened (i.e. the seal is broken), whether it was done by border agents or others, those cannot be refunded because they are damaged.  Due to these policies, you may want to consider our experience before selecting your International Shipping method:

  • In nearly 100% of cases, those who selected UPS or DHL Worldwide as their shipping options, were assessed additional tariffs, duties, and even additional fees applied by those shippers, upon delivery.  This would add to the already expensive shipping cost you've paid.  Although these shippers offer a much speedier delivery, be aware that unless you have an emergent need for any of our products, it's probably best to avoid those shippers.
  • USPS still offers the best odds against these additional tariffs, duties and fees, but every once in awhile, even they assess these additional charges.  In our estimation, however, there is still much less risk of these additional charges being assessed on the delivery end.
  • In most cases, the International shipping rates for USPS are nearly the same for shipping 2 canisters as for shipping 1 canister of our pet product.  Therefore, if this is a product you use regularly, consider ordering at least 2 at a time to save on initial shipping and potential added fees upon delivery.