PetMoringa™ BALANCE Product Testimonials

Here are just a few of our amazing customer testimonials for PetMoringa™ BALANCE, or PMB as many call it, with ample comments supporting the success of following Cathy's nutritional recommendations!  For more, visit our Facebook group:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/petmoringa

Myra Jennings Watson 

My Yorkies are 16 months old and have been giving them PetMoringa™ BALANCE for 7 months. My male was limping yesterday, and after giving him a paste of RGM and PMB, he was walking normally within an hour!! Both of them love it!!! I wish I had known about this amazing powder years ago when we had Yorkies and miniature wire-haired dachshunds. I ran to the vet all the time!!! When you know better, you do better!!!

Dina De Camilli

If it weren't for Cathy's Facebook group my pups wouldn't be living their best lives.  Howie (6 years) the Morkie mix on the left and Hazel (1 year) my Chi-Pom-Yorkie are so extremely healthy.

Howie suffered from seizures for almost 4 years and the vet couldn't figure out if he had a shunt, if he was allergic to something or if he had a heart problem. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my vet and he supports my decisions. He's given me his blessing to keep doing what I'm doing. I found Cathy's group about a year plus ago and since Day 1 of changing his diet to species-appropriate raw, using PetMoringa™ BALANCE, discontinuing flea meds, no more kibble and following the guides he hasn't had 1 seizure! His teeth are sparkling white and his tartar has almost completely disappeared. His skin and coat are silky shiny (don't mind his scruff) and has the energy of Hazel. Oh, and can I say he had a noticeable patella issue where he'd skip a lot... I can't tell you the last time I've seen him do that unless he has a piece of grass on his paw fur.

Once I rescued Hazel I immediately switched her diet without transitioning and she's thriving.

They are still detoxing as they have some itchiness but I can tell we're on the tail end of the detox.  I'm so thankful for the group and the years Cathy has dedicated to the insurmountable research she's done.  Please follow her recommendations.  They save lives!
UPDATE:  Luna has been seizure free for 3 months. She is doing exceptionally well. Going from the vet telling me to euthanize her to running and happy. Blessings and thank you for PetMoringa™ BALANCE!


I wanted to share my story with a yorkie that was surrendered to me. She was a little over 5 months old and 4.9 lbs. According to the original owners she started having seizures after her 2nd round of vaccinations. She would have them about 2 to 3 times a week. A month later she received her 3rd round of vaccinations and started having seizures a few hours after the vaccinations. The seizures were then on a daily basis and 2 to 3 times a day. The original owners were afraid she would die in their care and they also could not afford what her future medical bills would cost. I agreed to take her. When I got her she could barely walk straight without tipping over and she would run into walls and furniture. I thought maybe she was blind. Once in my care I called 2 vets to schedule appts and a hospital visit. Two recommended euthanasia and the other wouldn’t even see her. The animal hospital said that it was financially best to put her down as it would cost thousands of dollars for them to try to save her. I just could not take this advice from any of them because I know her personality and she is very alert. I felt lost so I reached out to Florida Yorkie Rescue for advice. They were awesome and posted part of my story which led me to Cathy Gibson Lanier who recommended for me to try PetMoringa™ BALANCE. I can honestly say I was a little skeptical about it and of course like some, I thought it was a sales tactic. But to see this baby go through what she was going through was breaking my heart, so I worked with Cathy in trying to get the product sooner than the delivery. She put me in contact with someone near me with a canister to spare.  I picked it up and started her on it right away as instructed by Cathy. I continued and by the second day, this little girl did not have a seizure. She still had a little imbalance in her walk and was bumping into things. By 4 days later she still hadn’t had a seizure and she was even playing with my other fur babies. She listens to me and will stand on her 2 feet and she had never done this since her vaccinations. I am so overwhelmed with joy. I am so happy with the PetMoringa™ BALANCE and I know this isn’t coincidental -- this product is amazing. So amazing with a great taste (I know the taste is great because all my other pups love it too) as I have started giving it to them as well. So if you are on the fence about this product, I say try it!  It offers so many benefits for our fur babies. You can reach out to me at anytime so that you know that this is a real and true testimony. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

PetMoringa™ BALANCE has helped all my babies so much and I can’t thank Cathy enough for this product!! ❤️

It has helped my blue heeler Kora sooo much with her seizures that I have been able to back off some of her seizure meds. 🙌🏼  Also when she does have a seizure they are not as bad now and don’t last as long (I dose her with PetMoringa™ BALANCE as a paste also if she has a seizure)

My 2 chihuahuas (Chewy and Chubs) are happy and healthy and they get a small dose every day to help stay that way.

My 1 yr old Belgian malinois is healthy and very active here on the farm with me and she also gets it everyday! She looks and feels amazing.

They are all fed raw per Cathy’s suggestions in her Facebook pet group.

Megan Marie Parker  

Stella Gracie hurt her paw Tuesday morning. We looked and it appeared to not have any puncture wounds, just extremely swollen. No real idea what happened to it. She was unable to walk on it. It was red and very swollen. I made a paste of the PetMoringa™ BALANCE and put as much as I could on her gums. Then I put more of the paste on her paw, to draw anything toxic or foreign out. She also got extra doses added to her raw food and goats milk through out the day when she ate. By Wednesday 10 pm I noticed, out of nowhere, her messing with her paw. It was now like a big boil about to bust. Sure enough, we drained it and cleaned it and she slept through the night. It looks so much better . So much of the inflammation is down and she is now walking on it. I highly recommend to always keep extra on hand. We Love PetMoringa™ BALANCE💚

Chris Sabol  

Just wanted to say something about PetMoringa™ BALANCE. I am so grateful to Cathy for it. I have been giving it to my little guy who was in pain when I picked him up. I suspect my older 20 lb. dog got a little rough with him. Well he, even after the first day of putting it on his gums, is 100% better. He is happy and wagging his tail constantly, which he wasn't doing before. I am now also giving it to my other dog that has Congestive Heart Failure and constantly coughs due to the fluid. He has dramatically reduced his coughing, almost to nothing each day. I am so happy.   My older dog sprained a muscle in his hind leg. Took him to the vet. Nothing they could do and for about 3 months he limped or walked on his 3 legs holding the other one up. We carried him, all 20# of him up and down stairs. When we started him on PMB for his CHF, he got a bonus healing besides his reduction in his coughing. He is walking on all fours and no limping whatsoever. And this was within a few days of starting him on PMB. Coincidence? No, it's the PetMoringa™ BALANCE. That powder is a God-send for our pets!

Julie Strickland Ferris  

This girl was limping before we got her started on PetMoringa™ BALANCE a few months ago. Within a month she stopped limping but yesterday and today while out for our walks she wasn’t walking -- she was running! Sophie is 12 years old and doing great!

Laurie Manna Schmidt

I just wanted to write a quick note for those that are on the fence. I have been giving PetMoringa™ BALANCE to my 13 year old bearded Collie...just a sprinkle a day with his food (which he now won't eat should I forget that sprinkle)...happy to report he has gotten his hearing back...his bounce in his steps are back and he just behaves like a puppy again...I can't believe this stuff but it should be sold in every pet store around the world. I watched it go from zero to 100 with my tiny Yorkie and my big guy is proof that whatever is in this pudding is phenomenal!!! Thank you Cathy for your hard work, dedication and just overall giving a hoot about our pets, even if some of us are hesitant about some lady who got her start on Facebook...once they get over that, like I did, we just feel blessed. Thank you, God Bless

Sue Renaud-Smith  

My sweet girl, Sophie, went in to be spayed. Two weeks prior, I upped her

PetMoringa™ BALANCE to prepare her for surgery. She came through with flying colors. The first day she was down a lot because of anesthesia wearing off. I did not use any of the pills the vet prescribed -- they went in the garbage. By the next day she was playing -- eating and trying to jump up and down on the sofa!!!

I give credit to PetMoringa™ BALANCE for her quick recovery. This product is worth its weight in gold. I will continue with higher amounts of PetMoringa™ BALANCE for the next few days, then gradually lessen the amount. Thank you Cathy for this amazing product.

Susan Calvert

I wish all of you could see the incredible change this product has made in my Lucy’s life! She’s 8 years old and has arthritis in her hips. She had trouble standing on linoleum floors and balked at going down stairs. It broke my heart to see her struggle and I knew I could do better for her. I trusted the testimonials and all of Cathy’s research.  

I ordered (and quickly received) my first jar of PMB and started feeding small portions to Lucy once a day. Within ONE WEEK, she shocked me by bouncing down the stairs and running to the patio door!!! I was in tears and shock at the same time! She loves her special treat and I will never stop giving this to her. This product is truly a miracle. Thank you, Cathy!! 

Maria Giordano Schiavo 

My 13 year old Yorkie, Mugsy, has been on a raw diet, PetMoringa™ BALANCE and Biobeet Juice powder for the past 8 months ever since he was diagnosed with heart disease.  He had his 6 month check-up with the cardiologist yesterday and received a good report. His heart murmur is the same as it was at his initial visit but the size of his enlarged heart has shown a bit of improvement. His lungs are clear and his condition is stable which, according to the doctor, is the best we could hope for. He said it's unusual to see any decrease in the size of the heart.  He said to keep doing whatever I'm doing because Mugsy is doing so well. I'm convinced that his diet and supplements are playing a large part in this outcome. Mugsy has a great appetite and a lot of energy. I thank God for this product!

Cindy Rossi Tulpa  

I have two amazing testimonials:  First, my 7 year old lab injured his right rear leg about 4 days prior to using PetMoringa™ BALANCE. I honestly thought it was an ACL rupture and was ready to go to the vet for an ultrasound. I had just purchased extra PetMoringa™ BALANCE to give to my healthy dogs and so I scooped right in and added it to my lab's food. It is the only thing I added or did. I am happy to report after less than 4 days, he is on all 4’s with no weight shifting and back to bouncing off the walls. Miraculous is all I can say! I’ve attached a picture so you can see how he was holding that leg up.
Once I saw this sort of result, I have completely changed my dogs' lives, and in particular one of my pups that had cancer. I went to raw feeding, PetMoringa™ BALANCE, and graviola (as recommended by Cathy).  I can’t say enough good things about it all.  PetMoringa™ BALANCE is a miracle. All 4 of my 72 pounders are on it and that combined with graviola, I’m sure is the single biggest contributor to keeping my dog’s inflammation down. The cancer screening lab work on the right is from December showing cancer present. The one on the left is from today. I hope you don’t mind me saying that we kicked Cancer square in the ass!
So this testimonial may be long, but necessary. I have 2 yorkies and a rattie.
My 12 year old, 10 lb. rat terrier, my baby, has had very elevated liver values on her blood work for the last 6 months. At one point they were dropping but then I tried another product and they climbed again to new heights. I have been researching many products, listened to hundreds of podcasts, or so it seems. Whenever I sat down to relax with my iPad I ended up looking up new info and taking notes for hours. I felt like I had a good plan here the last couple of months. I have been using at least 16 products, all in rotation on a calendar, along with about 6 different raw foods -- all top notch raw foods, mind you. I even began making her food because so many places told me to cut out this add that etc. I drove myself crazy.

Well, to make this long story short, and after hundreds of dollars spent on products, a friend that is probably tired of me asking her a ton of questions, suggested I do a consultation with Cathy.  Today I feel like I dropped a ton of weight (even though the scale says otherwise LOL). Through my consult with Cathy, I cleaned out all 18 products and put them in a big storage container. Cathy showed me how most of the products I was using actually were doing more harm than good, and working against each other. Many were probably building up toxins in my dog’s body rather than removing them. Her liver is stressed from trying to cleanse the body. Like Cathy said, “most of my money is being pooped out in my yard because the liver cannot possibly filter all that out.” Belle’s body was stressed from it all. Something along those lines anyway.

So today and for the next 3 months I only will use the PMB, a bit of goat's milk, and many of the recommended raw foods Cathy recommends. I cried when I got off the phone. I have been so stressed and I finally have a PLAN! The PMB has omegas, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and everything my dogs need in one container (rather than 18, many with synthetics that I did not realize).

I will detox the crap out of Belle’s cells with the PetMoringa™ BALANCE, feed her simply and cleanly and report to you the results of her next lab work up in 3 months.

Oh I almost forgot….today when I fed my 3 pups, (2 of which are semi-picky) they ate like there was no tomorrow! PMB, one tbs. of goat's milk and the raw food. They love it. I really didn’t expect this. The nice thing is that it didn’t take forever to prep their meal. Now my only problem is going to be what in the world will I do with all my time. LOL Thank you Cathy❤️ I also ordered 3 containers of PetMoringa™ BALANCE.

Kim Halfen  

My beautiful girl was toxic from being over-vaccinated.  She was given a combo 5 in 1 shot (without my knowledge). I was told it was a single distemper vaccination. Her blood work showed anemia, high WBC, kidneys and liver affected, etc., while all other tests were negative for any bacteria, viruses, infections and so on. I gave her some PetMoringa™ BALANCE, and within 36 hrs., her blood work greatly improved. I will be giving this supplement to both of my dogs from now on.❤️ I believe this literally saved her life. She was lethargic, barely lifting her head. She would not eat or drink, and was vomiting and had diarrhea. She had 3 doses of PetMoringa™ BALANCE and was back to normal. She is still detoxing, but has already gained back the 2 lbs. she lost from being sick. And she goes absolutely crazy for the PetMoringa™ BALANCE when I’m getting it ready for her!

I have two dogs, a nearly 3 year old poodle, Nala and a 10 month old aussidoodle, Diesel.  My babies are my whole world! I’m so thankful to personally know Cathy because she was a blessing in this whole process!  At the time, my life was already super chaotic and unfortunately my dad was on a ventilator due to COVID (he is awake and home and healthy now) and then my poodle Nala was already going through stomach issues and eating the most random items ever! She ended up getting into my stepmoms garbage can and ate a piece of her CPAP machine! This was so nerve-racking, but I gave it some time to see what might happen, and she ended up not eating for the next two days, so off to the emergency vet we went.  She wound up having exploratory bowel surgery, at which point she was diagnosed with IBD.  I had joined Cathy's pet group on Facebook (if you haven't, do!), and dug into the Guides there, and learned that IBD is completely manageable, and can possibly be eliminated, by a species-appropriate diet that will naturally control inflammation.  I ditched the kibble and embraced a raw diet, and added PetMoringa™ BALANCE, not only for Nala, but for Diesel too. 

Needless to say, the results have been amazing.  Poor Nala had suffered with diarrhea and irregular bowel movements for 7 months straight, and in less than a week with this miracle product, she's back to normal!  She's happy, healthy, and bouncing around like a puppy again!  I will never not have a supply of PetMoringa™ BALANCE on hand, and the bonus is, my dogs LOVE it!  They devour their meals when I add it!  I know now they'll both live longer, healthier, and happier lives!

Sherry Phelps  

I had been treating Piper for a cyst on her tail for 6 months. I took all the advice from members of Cathy's Facebook group. I have tried every suggestion and treated faithfully. I used Graviola for nearly that whole time, and increased the drops from 5 to 10 the last 3 months to no avail. When I received the new 

PetMoringa™ BALANCE about 6 weeks ago I used a generous scoop 2 times a day. About 2 weeks ago, I stopped everything else but the PetMoringa™ BALANCE. I am pleased to report that the cyst is almost completely gone. If you didn't know where it was, you couldn't find it!! Thank you Cathy Gibson Lanier!!!

Holli Casciano  

I have two dogs. One 5 yr old yorkie and one 11 yr old doxie. I have been feeding them species-appropriate raw for 5 years. I used to give them the old moringa product but after I ran out I had to wait for the new one. My older dog started walking very stiff. After finally getting the new PetMoringa™ BALANCE I have been giving it to her for a month now and she is flying through the doggie door and acting like a two year old. Between their diet, vaccine protocols and the PetMoringa™ BALANCE my dogs are very healthy. Thank you Cathy!!!

Millie Rodriguez 

Boy do I have a testimony! So 🥲🥲 happy that my baby is feeling better that I cannot contain myself and have to share some progress! Niko was hospitalized on 3/6/22-3/9/22 because his kidney levels took a turn for the worse and they needed to give him IV hydration. He came home and didn't want to eat much so I made him home cooked meal and he started vomiting it up so I rushed him back to the vet on 3/11/22 and the doctor told me it was time to euthanize him. I consulted Cathy's FaceBook pet group and got some advice from her Guides there.  And 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Praise lord! I changed his diet to species-appropriate raw, put him on PetMoringa™ BALANCE, followed every step in the Guidelines  this little 12 year-old boy is back to his old self and still pushing! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙏🏼 He was not eating, was weak, lethargic, and my heart was shattered when the vet told me that. But look at GOD working! Thank you Cathy! 

Wanted to pop in to give a shout out for the PetMoringa™ BALANCE. My Bentley (Yorkie) is 5.2 pounds and 3 1/2 years old. He's been on a raw diet since 6 months old. He had dental cleaning and 2 baby canines removed on Tuesday. I started giving extra PMB before surgery and since surgery on Tuesday I have been giving him 2 tsp 2 to 3 times a day. He has had no pain meds since we got home from the vet. Thanks to the anti-inflammatories in 

PetMoringa™ BALANCE, he has been pain free. Kudos to Cathy and PetMoringa™ BALANCE!! I am a happy Mom!

My Gracie was diagnosed with chronic colitis over a year ago, and has had episodes of nausea, anorexia, and bloody loose stools reoccurring to where it was happening in January of 2022 every 4 days. Her colon was 4mm inflamed at that time. She had been on medications, slippery elm, and anti-nausea pills to no avail, as well as every natural product I could find. I was seriously considering if it was time for her to pass over the Rainbow Bridge, as she would be so sick. Then the PetMoringa™ BALANCE arrived and I figured I would try another natural product. Let me tell you...no episodes since 2/7/22. This product is a life saver!!! Gracie was on goats milk and powder for 20 days and now transitioned to Cathy's recommended raw diet mixed with goats milk and 

PetMoringa™ BALANCE. I honestly recommend this miracle powder and thank God for Cathy and this group for helping me to find a product that has helped my Gracie!! And she loves it!!!

PMB is definitely a miracle in a jar!

I primarily joined Cathy's group for my one dog Kira (CKD and Pancreatitis). However being in the group, following the protocols and using PMB has been nothing short of a miracle for my one pooch, Cinnamon.

Eighteen months ago Cinnamon was diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis (it's the same thing as COPD that humans get). This breathing disorder has been very debilitating for Cinnamon. If she took a few steps, like walking to her food/water bowl, she would be short of breath, and wheezing. Which deterred her from eating as much as she used to. She mostly just laid around.

I was giving her nebulizer treatments twice a day and she was on intermittent steroids treatment. I also had a rescue inhaler to use in between the nebulizer treatments. Which I had to use quite often.

Seven short weeks ago when I joined Cathy's group, after reading the species appropriate diet, I immediately switched Cinnamon from the raw she was eating to Primal, added PMB and RGM.  Three weeks after I began the protocol, I noticed Cinnamon was eating her food, both breakfast and dinner consistently. The best part is she wasn't so out of breath and I didn't hear much wheezing. With each passing day she's been improving, including her energy level.

Two weeks ago, Cinnamon had her routine follow-up and my Vet was astonished. She couldn't believe what she saw on the x-rays. My Vet thought the x-ray machine was faulty, so, she took the x-rays all over again. She was amazed, Cinnamon's air vessels were complete open. No signs of asthmatic bronchitis. She told me to stop the daily nebulizer treatments and only use it as needed.

I haven't needed to use the nebulizer or her rescue inhaler for the past two weeks. Cinnamon breathes normally, plays like she used to and has loads of energy. I have my Cinnamon back!


Have I mentioned PMB is a miracle in a jar recently???

It's Kira's turn now to shine as she is reaping the benefits of this amazing healing miracle in a jar called PMB. She was diagnosed with Pancreatitis (8/2020) and CKD(5/2022). I was shown how to give subqs and was told to give her 100ccs a day. Kira seemed to be in so much pain, and weak at times that she could hardly stand, much less walk.

On September 2nd, Kira's BUN was 120, CRE was 4.1 SDMA was 21 and BUN/CRE ratio was 45. It was a battle from May until September and when these numbers showed up on the bi-monthly blood work, I was told to start saying my good-byes. I'm a half glass full kinda gal and believe, where there's life, there's hope.

A couple of weeks after this blood work was done, I saw a Facebook post about Pet Moringa Balance on my timeline. I went to the website, read about it and immediately purchased it. Then, I quickly found Cathy's group and joined. I started reading the guides, made my first post and Heather (one of our Consulting Affiliates) reached out and began helping me with where to start with the food. Thank you Heather.

I started following the protocols using Primal and Small Batch, both FD and frozen raw and Answers RGM. PMB was delivered on September 17th. I immediately started Kira on PMB. However, I was syringing it into her and pasting it into her gums, roof, and cheeks as she wouldn't go near her food with PMB on it.

Throughout October, It was touch and go with Kira's appetite but nevertheless, I still plugged away as I wasn't giving up. Sometimes she went several days in a row not eating. Even as much as 5 days at a time. Although, I never missed a day without giving her the PMB. On the days she refused to eat. I would double up, sometimes triple up even, including pasting it into her gums, roof of her mouth and cheeks. Towards the end of October she started to eat her food with PMB on it. I was so excited.

November 4 things changed even better. Kira began eating more frequently, and consistently both freeze dried in the AM and frozen raw in the PM and I always put 1/4 cup of filtered water per nugget, even the frozen nuggets. She is eating 2 nuggets at each meal. And dig this, she's eating both with PMB, RGM and ACV. I no longer had to syringe PMB into her. She literally was getting excited about eating again. I tested one meal and didn't put PMB on it, she refused to eat it until I added PMB. I thought, we making strides. Each day I see her improving. She even started to give her big sister Cinnamon kisses again. She hasn't done this since May.

Yesterday (11/23/22), she had an appointment in the evening to get her bi-monthly levels checked. The Tech took Kira in the back to draw blood, she brought Kira back to me on n the examination room and told me to sit tight as they are going to run the blood in their machine and she'll be back with the results. 20 minutes later, the Tech came back and said something went wrong and they have to re-stick Kira. So she took Kira in the back to draw blood again. This time she was gone a while and I started to worry. About 35 minutes later, my Vet comes into the examination room with Kira. I was even more worried now because usually it's the Tech that comes in to tell me the results.

My Vet hands Kira to me and said "in all my life practicing as a Vet, I've never seen CKD retreat like this. I literally called my IT guy to have him remote into my machine as I thought there was some kind of technical glitch. This is why we had to re-do Kira's blood work." Turns out Kira's BUN is now 45, CRE is 1.6, SDMA is 12 and BUN/CRE ratio is 25. My Vet gave Kira a clean bill of health.

My Vet was so amazed at the food that Kira is eating as she always pushes the prescription food and her next question to me was "Where in the world do you get this miracle stuff you've been using?" I gave her the Health Whisperer's website.

I am in tears right now as it's Thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for. Kira is doing her moon hop again. I haven't seen her do this since she was diagnosed with Pancreatitis in 8/2020.

Thanks to PMB, Kira is back and healthy again. I will never be without PMB.