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The Health Whisperer

1-Hour Consultation with Cathy Lanier, The Health Whisperer

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1-Hour Pet Consultation

Do you have a pet (dog or cat) with issues the conventional veterinarian community hasn’t been able to resolve?  That's very common, since they are trained to treat SYMPTOMS, alone.  This approach often does nothing but prolong the suffering for your pet, or creates an endless loop of highs and lows for the condition, requiring more and more expensive vet visits, medicines, treatments, tests, etc.  It's exhausting and expensive, not to mention the wear and tear on you and your pet!  Why not let The Health Whisperer™ hear your concerns?

My approach is really quite simple, and requires nothing more than your answering questions about your pet and their day-to-day experiences, history, current nutrition and other items that help me find the core CAUSE of the condition(s) you're seeing!  Prior to the consult, you'll receive a questionnaire by email, that you'll return to me to prepare for our Zoom meeting.  I'll research your issues, no matter the time required to do that, and evaluate your responses, so that we can get right down to business during our Zoom meeting.  There, I'll explain my findings related to the cause of your pet's issues, and recommend some changes -- mostly in nutrition and exposures in your home and environment -- that will set your pet on a much better path toward actually eliminating the underlying conditions creating the symptoms you're seeing.  If appropriate, I’ll suggest products, including my line of Smartrition™ products – nutrition that multi-tasks -- and if additional education will help you better manage your pet’s journey, I may even send you pertinent chapters (a “sneak preview”) of my upcoming book, “What Your Veterinarian Won’t Tell You -- How to Protect Your Pets from Bad Medical Advice & Watch them Thrive with Simple Nutritional Changes!”

What I offer is not a "Magic Bullet" by any means, but if you'll commit to the simple changes I recommend, once your pet moves through a detox period and mounts a healing response, you'll see some amazing improvements!  You'll save money by avoiding the vet, the medicines, and all the other products vets recommend that you may find are doing more harm than good!

Doesn't your pet deserve a different approach to get to actual health, happiness, and longevity, rather than having "managed conditions?"  That's the goal – and The Health Whisperer™ can help!

NOTE:  Once you make your appointment, you'll receive an email with an intake form you must complete and return to me so that I have at least 48 hours to review and research before our appointment.  Be sure to check you spam/junk email folders so you won't miss it.  If the form is not returned in time, we may need to reschedule your appointment time to allow for preparation.  THANKS!