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Retailer Bundle 8: PetMoringa™ FLOW

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Enjoy deep discounts on the per item price, by choosing our Retailer Bundle 8!  This will usually be utilized to keep physical stock of items for a display in your brick and mortar store, vet clinic, or other means of one-to-one sales of Retail products to your existing customers.  

You will receive 8 canisters of PetMoringa™ FLOW, for the low unit price of $44.95 each.

NOTE:  The Health Whisperer™ sells Retail products, and offers these bulk purchases at discounts for the purpose of facilitating retail sales via other means than our company-owned websites and other promotional methods.  Resellers/Retailers are expressly forbidden from offering our products at pricing lower than the current retail prices advertised on company-owned websites, social media, and other promotional venues.  From time to time, The Health Whisperer™ will offer promotions, and our Retailers are encouraged to participate in those same promotions, but at no time will be allowed to offer our products at prices lower than the company is offering at the time.  If Retailers wish to promote and sell our products on non-company-owned websites, they must request permission to do so from The Health Whisperer™ by sending the website address, details of your site, and intended audience to

Failure to adhere to these policies, will result in your losing your retailer account and not being able to purchase our products at bulk purchase discounts.