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PetMoringa™ FLOW! SUPPORT for Urinary Tract Health & MORE!

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It's all about Anthocyanidins!  The benefits of these compounds are tremendous, particularly for kidney/bladder health.  They act as little "scrubbers" that gather up the bad stuff and carry it out of the body, all the while improving the pH of the urine to help prevent stones, crystals and UTI infections.  They also bring antioxidant and anti-cancer benefits.  The leading cranberry-based urinary tract supplement for pets on the market today contains roughly 4900 mg per kg of anthocyanidins in their product.

With PetMoringa™ FLOW, by using cranberry, blueberry, and grapeseed extract, we've unleashed over 5350 mg per kg of anthocyanidins to leverage kidney health benefits and mixed it with our number one Full-Spectrum Moringa all-in-one pet supplement for complete whole food nutrition, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support, strong detox capabilities, and immune-boosting power, along with a Trigestive complex of prebiotics, probiotics, and enzymes specifically matched to a carnivore’s microbiome.  Suddenly, we have the most effective whole food nutritional health, kidney condition-zapping product on the planet! 

But why stop there?  We’ve added:

Kale, with all the benefits of dark, leafy greens, such as vitamins A and C, which can prevent inflammation and protect the immune system, and a very low potassium count as compared with other leafy greens.  Kidney disease limits the body’s ability to process large amounts of potassium, which can cause fatigue, weakness and heart arrythmias.  Kale is a great choice because it has all the nutritional benefits of other greens without the high potassium levels!

Apple Cider Vinegar which we already know contributes to gut health, but it also clears dead skin and dandruff, relieves joint aches, and boosts immunity.

And more!

This product is designed to be used in conjunction with PetMoringa™ BALANCE.  The Synergy of the two products is a one-two punch for kidney/bladder/UTI-prevention like no other!  It can also be used as a stand-alone product for pets that need an extra boost in the kidney/bladder/UTI-prevention arena, or when you’d prefer a completely plant-based alternative (or your country won’t let anything with an animal product like beef liver powder across the border!).


PetMoringa™ FLOW is the first in The Health Whisperer's line of targeted products to provide support for specific conditions that affect our pets!  Chances are, your pet already benefits from the wholesome and complete nutrients in our flagship product, PetMoringa™ BALANCE.  FLOW is not meant to replace BALANCE, as BALANCE will continue to be the most complete and versatile product in our line.  FLOW was developed to be used along with BALANCE to provide that little extra to support pets with a history of UTIs, stones, crystals, kidney or bladder concerns.  With the highest concentration of anthocyanidins of any prodoct available, by adding it to your regimen, you'll be able to drop less effective products that may not be made with the care that goes into every product created and made by The Health Whisperer!

In general, the usage of FLOW depends on the level of kidney/bladder/UTI support your pet needs.  If your pet doesn't display any of the characteristics of these conditions, but has a history of a dry-food diet and you'd like a little insurance to overcome the potential kidney damage from those, you can use FLOW prophylactically.  In that case, the daily recommended serving would be the amount for your pet's weight and type (dog vs cat) stated on the label or below, or even half that.  In case you decide to use half the serving, be sure to continue to use the same amount of BALANCE you've always used, to ensure your pet receives all the benefits available. 

However, if you use FLOW because your pet has already demonstrated symptoms of issues with kidney/bladder/UTI conditions, you will need to use at least the minimum amount stated on the labeling and below.  The severity of the symptoms will be your guide in using more as needed, because, as a whole-food, FLOW is safe to be used at much higher amounts than the minimum recommended servings.  When used in this fashion, you should continue to combine with BALANCE, but may replace part of the BALANCE amount you've been using, with equal parts of FLOW.  In other words, if your pet has done well using 3 scoops of BALANCE per day, and you want to add extra support for the listed conditions, simply use 1 1/2 scoops of BALANCE + 1 1/2 scoops of FLOW per day.

Beyond that, the same instructions and alternative uses that we've always shared for BALANCE, applies to FLOW, as illustrated below.

NUTRITIONAL DAILY BENEFITS:  Most of us use PetMoringa™ BALANCE or FLOW as a daily addition to healthy meals.  To use that way, just base their recommended daily serving size on the instructions on the label:

Dogs under 10 lbs. (or cats):                                               ½ - 1 scoop

Dogs 11 – 30 lbs.                                                1 scoop

Dogs 31 – 50 lbs.                                                1.5 scoops

Dogs 51 – 70 lbs.                                                2 scoops

Dogs 71 – 90 lbs.                                                2.5 scoops

Dogs 90+ lbs.                                                      3 scoops

Although it doesn’t matter how you get it in them, only THAT you get it in them, most of us just mix it into their food.  If you’re using any of the species-appropriate raw foods we recommend, it’s as simple as stirring it into their freeze-dried version and rehydrating it along with the food, or mix in directly into their frozen versions after it’s thawed.  You may find it best to mix with a bit of water or raw goat’s milk to fully rehydrate the product before mixing it in.  Wait 3-5 minutes to give the product a chance to fully rehydrate.

PetMoringa™ BALANCE  or FLOW work best when fully hydrated, so using 1/2 to 1 cup of water for one to three scoops, mixed into a broth to pour over food, or to use as a nutritious and hydrating between-meal treat, is a great way to get this health powerhouse into your pet as well.  In fact, you can mix up a quart of water with 4 - 8 scoops and store in the refrigerator to pour over any food, or offer as additional hydration throughout the day.

The care that has been taken in the development of this product should ensure that your pets love it, and when fully hydrated, the aromas are released and the full benefits are realized.  It’s not a magic bullet, nor is it a drug or synthetic supplement.  It provides nutritional support, and best results can only be achieved by using it daily and consistently.  Trust the process and give it time to bring the balance and benefits it’s designed to bring. 

Some pets, especially those that have been trained to be “picky” by their owners (you know who you are), may take a bit of an adjustment by starting with a smaller amount and gradually increasing it until reaching the recommended daily serving.  Don’t give up!  The benefits of this amazing product are well worth working with your little “Diva” or “Prince” to ensure they get the best nutrition you can provide! 




If your pet has a specific condition for which inflammation is the obvious cause, don’t be afraid to use as much as you need to get the results you want.  PetMoringa™ FLOW is a whole food – the body recognizes it as a food, so there is no way to overdose it.  The body will take what it needs, and release the rest, just like it does with the nutrients from any real food you consume.  So, if your pet is limping as a result of arthritis, luxating patella or any other inflammatory joint condition, tracheal issues, or skin conditions (itchy pets especially), increase the amount of PetMoringa™ FLOW until you get the results you need.  Then, after using that amount for a week or two, you can start to decrease if you’d like.  If the symptom returns, you’ll know you’ve gone just under the threshold needed to control that symptom, so increase it by a bit until the symptom is back under control.  Now, you’ve established a baseline that should manage the symptoms for a good, long while.  As the pet ages, you may find you need a bit more, but you can always adjust as described to keep your pet comfortable.


If you’re already using PetMoringa™ FLOW daily and your pet encounters any of these, you’re already ahead of the game because of the anti-inflammatories he already has onboard, but give him an extra few servings just to be safe.  If there is a reaction resulting in localized swelling, or you suspect a stinger is still in your pet, you can make a paste like we describe below for superdosing, and apply it directly on the swollen/sting area.  The paste will act to draw out the stinger usually and will draw out the toxins in the surrounding area to reduce the swelling and make your pet comfortable.  Of course, depending on the location of the sting and your ability to hold your pet calmly for about 30 minutes to keep the paste on the area, this may not be possible, but just know if you can use it this way, it will help a lot.  Some pets are actually allergic to the toxins in stings and insect bites, so watch for any signs of lethargy, having trouble breathing, etc.  If you spot those, a vet trip is necessary.


If your pet is scheduled for any sort of procedure, especially one that involves sedation (spay/neuter, dental cleaning, etc.), you’ll want to increase your use of PetMoringa™ FLOW to at least double to triple the normal amount for at least a week, preferably two, prior to the procedure.  By doing so, you will help to control the inflammation that occurs during most procedures, making the procedure easier on your pet and the surgeon.  It should also greatly reduce the need for pain meds after the procedure, as most pain is triggered by inflammation (see above).  We’ve had vets comment that pets who were “Pre-treated” in this manner, had an easier surgery, were quick to come out from under the anesthesia, and experienced a quicker overall recovery after.  Most tell us, because of so little tissue swelling during the procedure, the surgery was even easier on them, the surgeon! 

Similarly, if your pet must have a vaccination for which he is eligible according to the labeling on the vaccination, not just your veterinarian’s recommendation (know the difference), using PetMoringa™ FLOW at double to triple the daily recommended amount for 2 weeks prior and at least 1 week after, can go a long way toward preventing dangerous post-vaccination side effects and immune system damage.


Most pets whose owners have followed the advice of their veterinarians, are feeding inappropriate foods designed for profits, rather than carnivore nutrition.  As a result, your pets may have ingested a steady stream of hydrolyzed (fake) proteins, additives, preservatives, fillers, and synthetic vitamins and chelated minerals, all of which have been linked to many diseases, including cancer.  In fact, most of the common conditions/issues pets experience, can be directly related back to the diet to which they’ve been exposed.  The underlying conditions that are causing the symptoms you’re now seeing, likely took years to develop, and detoxing all those chemicals and synthetics out of your pet will not happen overnight.  Expect that your pet will experience detox symptoms for at least 6 months to a year, but some take even longer, based on the original diet, their genetics, or other toxic exposures.  PetMoringa™ FLOW is a very powerful detoxing agent and will help your pet get through this very necessary step quicker, and likely easier.  Since toxins escape primarily through the skin, don’t be surprised if your pet becomes itchy, has hot spots, or other symptoms that you may confuse with allergies.  It’s likely just your pet’s unique detox response.  There are many natural ways to make your pet comfortable during this time, but it is important to not introduce any further toxins, chemicals (such as allergy medicines, shots, etc.), or chemical-filled topical treatments such as medicated shampoos, etc.  Remember, the key to health is to bring it from within – no amount of topical treatments will address the CAUSE, and are only dealing with the SYMPTOMS.  Detox is the solution to eliminate the cause, so trust the process and resist the urge to cave in to what appear to be quick fixes recommended by your veterinarian, and let the toxins work their way out so your pet restores balance naturally.



If your pet is lethargic or otherwise failing for any reason, displaying symptoms like seizures, for instance – this could be as a result of unnecessary vaccinations, heartworm/flea/wormer poisons, ingesting or being exposed to something toxic (could be plants, bug spray, fertilizers or pesticides used on grass/plants, cleaning products used in your home, candles & other artificial fragrances like “plug-ins,” etc.), you’ll want to “superdose” the PetMoringa™ FLOW.  To do this, simply dump at least 2-4 scoops or more of PetMoringa™ FLOW onto a saucer or small bowl.  The more severe the emergency, the more  PetMoringa™ FLOW you need.  Add water a few drops at a time until you can swirl the product into a thick paste with your finger.  Then, over the course of the next 12 to 24 hours, depending on the severity of the situation, scoop up some of the paste on your finger, and wipe it on the tongue, gums, or between the gum and cheek of your pet.  This not only gives them a superdose of the benefits, but by applying it as directed, most of the product will be absorbed via the mucous membranes, therefore going immediately to the cells to provide the quickest benefits.  They will naturally swallow some of it, so if there is liver involvement (and with toxicity, there always will be), you’re also sending a direct hit to the liver to detox it at the same time.


There is ONLY ONE PetMoringa™ FLOW.  It and our flagship product, PetMoringa™ BALANCE are the only pet-specific products containing full-spectrum Moringa Oleifera, a trifecta of probiotics, prebiotics and enzymes, chia seeds for help with elimination, and flavors and aroma specifically proven to be enticing to dogs and cats.  Be sure you’re getting the authentic PetMoringa™ BALANCE or FLOW by always ordering directly from an Authorized Affiliate of The Health Whisperer™, or directly from the corporate website,  It’s just a matter of time before this product is counterfeited as are many consumables sold on Amazon, eBay or other online sites that don’t monitor for this.  If it comes from those sources, it just may not be real PetMoringa™ BALANCE or FLOW, and could even be harmful to your pets!

This is a problem with many consumable products now available widely, so please don’t fall for it.  Amazon and eBay may be wonderful sites from which to purchase electronics or household appliances, but DO NOT order consumables there, unless you have verified WITH THE MANUFACTURER OF THE PRODUCT, that the seller/vendor is a legitimate and authorized distributor.  It’s just not worth it – you won’t receive the benefits we describe, and you could actually be doing harm to your pets.  DON’T RISK IT! 

*This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any disease.