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PetMoringa™ SOOTHE!

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For our pets, PetMoringa™SOOTHE brings not only the full benefits of our organic, virgin unrefined, cold-pressed moringa seed oil, but adds curated essential oils for other health benefits as well.  It’s packed with natural ingredients that nourish and repair minor cuts, itchy skin, dry spots, hot spots, and skin impurities.  Our proprietary formula features organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin moringa seed oil and other organic, wild-crafted plant oils selected specifically for their suitability for use on and around pets, and brings additional benefits to keep pests away! 

Organic Cedarwood, long known for its superior pest-repellant properties, is also especially effective for reducing chronic inflammation and nourishing the skin.  Its antiseptic properties are effective in the management of dermatitis, hot spots, itchy and dry skin patches, as well as improving the texture of the hair/coat.  It can also be beneficial as a respiratory stimulant, assisting with coughs and congestion, and also stimulates lymphatic circulation/drainage. 

Organic Geranium regenerates the skin and balances the nervous system.  It may even help with those over-anxious pets of yours! And, of course, it’s one of nature’s most potent pest-repellents! 

With a more masculine fragrance, the men in your life, may actually prefer the Pet version of SOOTHE, which is fine, because we humans can use either!