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Treats, Treats, Treats!

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Tested for quality and safety, these treats are specifically chosen to work with our LICK LICK PADS and our Treat Puzzle Toys like TOPPL, QUIZL, TUX, RUMBLE, SPIN FLYING DISC &  SMARTYPAWS PUZZLERS!  Made in the USA, sustainably sourced, and single or limited ingredients to excite any pets!  They are produced by a Certified B Corporation, which means they meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability to balance profit and purpose. 

We're especially excited about the completely revamped Creamy Dog Treats!  Not only are they suitable for smearing on our LICK LICK PADS, but can be used in our Treat Puzzle Toys and even mixed with our dry treats to make them a little more fun and challenging to get out of the Treat Puzzle Toys!  Our manufacturer heard us and created whole-food nutritious creamy treats with no fillers or additives!  A healthy gourmet upgrade perfect for sneaking into treat toys, dressing up dinner, or rewarding the goodest boys and girls on the trail. Simple nutrition packed into a mess-free pouch for happy treating.  They're just creamy real food ingredients with no sugar, no Xylitol, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, (or artificial anything) - just solid, simple nutrition for happy treating.  And they're shelf-stable, requiring no refrigeration!

Let's start with Nut Butter, Blueberry, & Chia Seed Creamy Dog Treats.  Humans love their nut butter, and so do dogs! These are  mixed up with fresh ground peanuts, almonds, cashews, blueberries, and chia - all in a mess-free dispenser.  High in antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins and minerals and is a great source of healthy inflammation-busting Omega 3 fatty acids

Then, there's Nut Butter, Sweet Potato, Chia Seed, & Cinnamon Creamy Dog Treats.  Mixed up  with fresh ground peanuts, almonds, cashews, sweet potato, and chia with a kiss of cinnamon - all in a mess-free dispenser. High in antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins and minerals and is a great source of healthy inflammation-busting Omega 3 fatty acids; packed with Vitamin B to help cope with everyday stresses.

And let's not forget Peanut Butter & Banana Creamy Dog Treats (for all you Elvis-loving pups)!  Dogs love peanut butter, and we love treating it with a healthy gourmet upgrade - peanut butter made from freshly ground peanuts and a kiss of sweetness from real bananas.  High in electrolyte-balancing, muscle-building potassium, and packed with Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C for immunity.

Want more crunch for your pup?  Then, try our 100% Grass-Fed Freeze-Dried Raw Beef Liver Dog Treats!  These are a slightly harder texture to encourage chewing, but can be broken apart into smaller sizes, just perfect to tuck inside the TOPPL or QUIZL puzzle toys sold elsewhere on this website!

We can’t let a good heart go to waste—so we source this underrated culinary organ meat to freeze-dry into flavorful, nutritious planet-friendly treats. In fact, this single-ingredient treat is all heart: 100% natural Freeze-dried Raw Beef Heart, raised with grass-fed goodness.

Does your pup love to hold and chew?  As an alternative to bully sticks and other similar treats, our Air-Dried Bison Heart Dog Treats give your dog lots of time to gnaw and consume these pure protein sticks!  Made from 100% Bison heart from humanely raised (pasture raised) and sustainably sourced bison in the USA and Canada.

Dogs will start their own stampede if it means they can get to these treats quicker.  Our Air-Dried Bison Lung Dog Treats have a chewy but sturdy texture and are easy to break into smaller snacks. Bison is naturally high in protein, B vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acid, yet low in fat. These pasture-raised, majestic beasts are sustainably sourced in the US and Canada.

Try our NEW Air-Dried Beef Lung Dog Treats!  They're tasty chunks of wholesome goodness that are easy to break into smaller pieces for training bites.  Dogs deserve healthy treats and beef lung delivers just that:  Protein, B Vitamins, and minerals, all sourced sustainably and raised humanely, from 100% American grass-fed beef.